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32 New Multipliers In ARRL 10 Meter Contest!

March 30, 2010

Hi Folks-

Big news for all you 10 Meter Contest fans: beginning in 2010, the 32 states of Mexico will count as additional multipliers.

The ARRL Programs and Services Committee voted to make this change effective with the 2010 running of the event. We have already heard great enthusiasm from FMRE, the Mexican national amateur radio organization. Based on their response, we should see most — if not all– of the XE states activated for the 2010 10 Meter Contest.

This addition is only for the 10 Meter Contest; it does not affect any other ARRL contest.

The list of Mexican states, along with their official abbreviations, is below:

Note:  Revillagigedo (XF4) will remain a multiplier due to its status as a separate DXCC entity.


BAC                BAJA CALIFORNIA
BCS                 BAJA CALIFORNIA  SUR
CAM               CAMPECHE
CHI                 CHIAPAS
CHH                CHIHUAHUA
COA                COAHUILA
COL                 COLIMA
DGO                DURANGO
EMX               ESTADO DE MEXICO
GTO                GUANAJUATO
GRO                GUERRERO
HGO                HIDALGO
JAL                 JALISCO
MIC                 MICHOACAN
MOR               MORELOS
NAY                NAYARIT
NLE                 NUEVO LEON
OAX                OAXACA
PUE                 PUEBLA
QRO                QUERETARO
QUI                 QUINTANA ROO
SLP                  SAN LUIS POTOSI
SIN                  SINALOA
SON                 SONORA
TAB                 TABASCO
TAM                TAMAULIPAS
TLX                 TLAXCALA
VER                VERACRUZ
YUC                YUCATAN
ZAC                 ZACATECAS

The new is QRV!

March 24, 2010

As of 1400 UTC Wednesday, the old website went offline and the process of putting the new online has begun. The new will be fully viewable in just a matter of hours.

Please take some time to poke around the new site. It will be a little different, so it could take a little time for you to find what you’re looking for.

I’m pretty confident that you will really enjoy the new site. However, despite out best efforts to transfer everything over smoothly, you’re probably going to find some stuff that is missing.

If you find something missing in the Contest area or can’t seem to locate what you’re looking for, just send me an email at and I’ll either tell you how to find what you’re looking for, or make a note of the problem you’ve encountered.

I hope you enjoy the new ARRL web site!

Sean Kutzko KX9X

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

Awards Updates – March 2010

March 24, 2010

Hi Folks-

We’ve finally mailed out all the certificates for the 2009 ARRL DX Contest. Plaques were sent yesterday. Winners should start to see this material appearing soon.

Sweepstakes mugs and pins are scheduled to be mailed out the first part of April.