ARRL DX CW – The Bands Are Back!

What a difference a year can make.

This weekend’s ARRL DX CW contest was nothing short of amazing. The Palos Verdes Sundancers have been graciously beating their big bass drum and were able to produce some great propagation.  15 Meters was exceptional all weekend, and even 10 Meters woke from its long slumber with openings to Africa, Europe, South America and even up to Alaska. All continents were easily workable from here in New England on 15 Meters.

Scores are high; I have no doubt we’ll see some long-standing records fall as a result of the great propagation.  Even my peanut whistle of a station at my apartment (20 watts and an end-fed wire about 15 feet off the ground) was able to work 34 countries on Saturday. Nothing particularly rare, but it was a joy to work guys in my casual effort, once again proving even if you can only run low-power and an indoor wire, you CAN work DX when conditions are good.

Let’s hope the conditions will be in this good of shape in two weeks for the Phone DX Contest.

Sean KX9X

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